Yurt in the woods

We are escaping this weekend – Mister, the dogs and I. This week was full of jobs to get the farm ready for us to leave. These next few days are priceless, and we have been looking forward to them what seems like forever.*

This does mean that my Etsy shop will be down until next week.
In addition to this weekend break, later this month I am taking a trip back to England to meet new family members and hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I can’t wait. For this month the latest date I can ship you your order is Monday 16th April. If you were thinking about ordering please don’t hesitate and I will get it in the mail before I fly off and away to spend lots of time cuddling new nieces and nephews. In the meantime, you can find information on my yarns by clicking here, patterns are here, and you can get an email reminder when the shop is back up here.

So for now, I have with me my non-work knitting, my favorite pair of sweat pants, a journal and plenty of sharp pencils, and books, and books, and books, and books.**

See you later!


*Not only are we escaping the responsibilities of ‘life’, but we are picking up a new puppy! Plenty of pictures to come don’t worry – I won’t deprive you of puppy cuteness.

**I will pop back tomorrow with the giveaway winner! Did you enter?

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