Yarn enhanced

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My Dad is here, visiting from England, always a good time. But when many balls of British wool come along with him, its all that bit better!
Mum has put in a few open dated requests – the Kid Silk Haze is for an exquisite lace shawl, and the New Lanark Mills chunky yarn, full of texture, is for a sideways constructed swingy cabled jacket.
When someone comes to me with a knitting order I am usually a little hesitant as the journey to find the perfect pattern and yarn can often be drawn out, and I lose that spark. But I tell you, when its your Mum, and she comes to you with pattern (all alterations mapped out) and yarn ready to go, well, you have to cast on right away!

Dad leaves in 9 days. I know – there is no way I will have it done – but I’ll still try.

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