Wearing your Jig!

I’ve had some questions about how I fastened my Jig shawl in the pattern photos, as well as how to wear it and make it look comfortable and easy. You will notice that the shawl is more of a shawlette than a long scarf. I wanted to design something that wouldn’t get in the way, as I hate it when long scarf ends fall out and over your shoulders getting involved in whatever you bend down to pick up! I have been wearing my Jig out a lot in these colder evenings, and this pattern is really a toasty one! I love wearing it under a hood as well as with simple necklines. I get compliments everytime I have it on, and it’s fun exploring new ways to wear it.

Firstly, how I fastened the shawl: Well, I suppose, I cheated. When I went to my button tin to find just the right button to work with I found these amazing white fabric snaps. Score! They do just the  job. I love big buttons and was miffed that due to the lack of button holes in the pattern I would have to pick a small sized button that could squeeze through the garter stitch. That would be ok, but these big button snaps are even more fun! They also allow a lot more freedom in how you want to wear your shawl. Although I rarely move the snaps around, with snaps you are not committed to one placement!

I have also worn my Jig with a brooch I found at a thrift store eons ago.

If you were interested in making your fastening slightly more permanent, I have managed to pop through a 3/8″ button that would hold your fabric perfectly.

How to wear it: there are no rules. You find the best way for you. However, I played about a bit this morning with the few ways I like to wear this shawl.

To start, I pretty much always to this:

I hold less of the shawl over my right shoulder,

I bring my left hand across the front, tucking the end over my right shoulder,

and then wrap around what is in my right hand.

I then fasten the shawl in place with my three buttons.


Now, what else? You could go more boat-neck,

or more rounded?

even off the shoulder if you like!

My favouite, though, is when you bring the buttons to the front, and add a bit of a curl around the neck,

..or maybe a lot of curl!

Or maybe you’re fed -up with all this faffin’? Sling it around your neck and get on with your day!

Jig pattern here.

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