Treats all round


For some reason last week I decided that the camera that has had a cracked screen and a broken latch on the battery compartment for the last three+ years, not to mention no auto focus, was due for an upgrade. Yes, people, for the past three years I have had to manually focus each and every one of my photos, and I normally take WAY to long just taking one picture. I have to say though, I am now quite the pro at focusing with one hand and holding the battery compartment shut [so the camera actually stays on for a decent period of time] and stretching my finger up to press the button, with the other. Awkward, but I’ve got it down.

I have talked about buying something that works newer for about as long as I have been mastering the previously mentioned finger gymnastics, but when a new camera isn’t one of the cheapest of purchases, and the fact that I could still take decent pictures, I delayed for a long time. Until last week. Last week I treated myself.
I have had only a little time to play around with my new purchase, but I did go all out and buy many more accessories than I’ve had before… including something that can give me shots like these.

No guessing what knit this is!…. It’s my Umbrellas for the Summer Sweater KAL over at luvinthemommyhood. It’s my other treat this week. Whilst I have been squirreling away with funny deadlines and lots of changing of plans, Umbrellas is still my weekend evenings chill out, when I can, at the moment, just knit and knit and knit and knit and knit and knit… and I’m not complaining. [Seriously, this might be the only time I haven’t had something miserable to say about inches and inches of stockinette]. And even if its slowly, it is definitely growing!

Also, I am a guest over at luvinthemommyhood today, make sure to pop over and say hi!


4 thoughts on “Treats all round

  1. Love <3 So pretty and yay for the new camera šŸ™‚ Tell me what fun accessories did you get? I just got a DSLR in Feb/Mar and I think it is time to add in new lenes so I need reviews šŸ™‚

    Don't you just love top downs? Trying them on as you knit is wonderful.

  2. Yay for the new camera! They’re always a nice treat! Great job on the sweater as well. I’m jealous of your progress. I finally got mine joined though, so now I hope to catch up quickly!

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