Top, tees and tanks KAL : Uhura progress


Hello from the other side of the pond! I am in England and will spend the next 10 days back in my home land spending time with family and friends.

Along with me came a selection of knitting projects, but today I want to share my progress with the tops, tees and tank KAL I’m joining in with over at luvinthemommyhood.

The other week, or perhaps it was two [jet lag is in full effect] I swatched for Uhrua – my choice for a summer pattern. The yarn I’m working with is salvaged from a cotton sweater I found at a local thrift store and I am in love with the colour! Due to my eagerness to cast on and knowing that I was leaving soon I didn’t have time to add extra twist as I do with my Salvaged yarn. My swatch was spot on and I doubled and triple checked that I have packed all the right needles to knit away whilst I’m here. I’m all set to go!

I have worked a little way into the beginning bust strip that runs around the middle of the top. It is from this strip that I will pick up stitches and work the top front and back, and then go on to pick up the stitches around the bottom of this strip and work in the round to complete the trunk. The pattern calls for each piece to be worked flat and sewn together but as per the many people who have already completed this top on ravelry it will be easy for me to translate the pattern to work it in the round.

I am having so much fun in the ravelry group and seriously recommended joining this KAL – everyone is so friendly and all are working on amazing projects! I believe luvinthemommyhood will be posting all the blogs that are joining in to that we can all keep up with each other – see you over there!


3 thoughts on “Top, tees and tanks KAL : Uhura progress

  1. Oh my gosh what a lovely color!! I really like how you Salvage yarn. When I get some time to knit with it, I really want to purchase some. The whole idea of it is so great and completely in line with my beliefs.

    Have so much fun at “home!”

  2. look at you go! also, i wish i could knit with you in England.. just saying. hope you have a fabulous time there, and get lots of family time in, and knitting (of course)! beautiful colour!!! i’m so excited you’ve joined in on the KAL!
    my progress is slow.. like i still need to cast on. eep! haha but i plan on doing that TODAY.

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