Tie-dye eggs!


I have been capturing, sorry, pinning tutorials and instructions on how to dye with silk ties and, yesterday, at the thrift store I managed to find just the ties I needed! You can find many tutorials out there – here, here, and here,- and this is how it went for me.

Here is what you need :

1 : Eggs. [if you don’t keep chickens, search out your local egg farmer, they’ll love you for it] [I had to take the risk in hiding these eggs from the Mister – he lives off eggs, kale and quinoa, and would not enjoy knowing that I had sneaked these eggs away to pretty them up with silk ties…!]

2 : Silk ties . They have to be silk. Check the label [they don’t necessarily have to have come from England, but, of course, the best things do!].

3 : Scraps of white material – old pillow case, cheese cloth, old t-shirt… anything.
4 : Thread and elastic bands.
5 : Scissors.
6 : Vinegar
7 : Pan and water to boil eggs in.

Here we go.

Take apart your tie so that you can cut a square of silk fabric that is big enough to wrap about your egg with plenty of ‘tuft’ to grab and tie together. You can usually only get about two eggs per tie.

With the right side of the tie facing the egg, wrap that guy up!

You want to make sure the fabric is as flush to the egg as you can get it. You can pull at the tuft in your hand to even out some of the creases, just, please don’t break the egg! Also note that I tied my eggs up with one long side of the egg with the smoothest face – this will be the prettiest side, the side you will want to show-off!

Secure with an elastic band.

Next, you wrap it up in the scrap material, and secure that with the thread by wrapping it around and around the egg. You will have a little egg-parcel.

Now for the vinegar. With your egg-parcels in the pan, cover them with water. Then add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of vinegar [depends on how many eggs you have].

For the perfectly boiled egg I usually swear by the golden 13 minute rule, but I’ve found that to get the best print on your shells you want to boil these eggs for about 15-20 minutes.

Whilst you wait I encourage you to ponder simple things. Such as the crazy weather of Northen California, and how when you started on this egg dyeing project it was all thunderstorms and hail stones outside. Now the sun is out and you have rain drop shadows dancing on your kitchen table. [Or, you could simply tidy everything away, feed the dogs, do some dishes, etc.]

Either way, after they have boiled a while, spoon them out into a bowl and run them under cold water to cool them off.

And for the fun part…


Mister won’t notice, right?

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