Thirds time’s a charm

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Right? Because let me tell you –

I swung into the skirt with this amazingly yarnover-heavy stitch pattern… but I didn’t like how it was flowing (or not flowing) into stockinette stitch. So I ripped it back.

Next up was a more simple idea with a central increase and a cross over back, which made a clumsy twirl on my needles. When I tried it on Lou, it just looked horrendous. Shes pretty podgy, and it was all stretched out and weird. So she helped me rip that back.

Any now I’m onto something WAY more simple, hopefully with a little something at the end.

Needless to say, I did not finish within the deadline for the Tops, Tanks and Tees KAL… although there is talk about an extension?.. And hopefully third time IS a charm.


(this was a hasty cast on, but of course I’m learning the same old lesson once more – swatch, girl! Swatch heavily.

1 thought on “Thirds time’s a charm

  1. I’m so interested to see how this turns out. I admire you guys who are plunging into the KAL with personal patterns. Of course, the good thing about designing a baby knit- it’s easier to rip back. And Swn’s Island yarn- nice!

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