The problem with green


I know, you have noticed. You have told me, you have emailed me, tweeted me, and sent me messages on facebook, about my absence from my usual blogging and the lack of the fourth colour for the spring collection. I have had a lot of frustration with this final colour. And it goes something like this – yellow.

I have dyed with this plant many many times. Where I used to live it grew in abundance in my garden – that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I was always battling with this plant spreading because the tenants previous had planted it straight into the ground. I started experimenting with it as a natural dye, to use it rather that get rid of it as waste, and discovered the most amazing colours.
I have this plant available to me in large amounts in our new home, luckily it is contained. However using the recipe I had created has not produced the same results. I have no doubt that this has to do with the soil, the plant and the condition that this plant is growing in, and that it is different to the soil, and the plant, and the condition where I was living.

This is what I love about dyeing naturally, but it is something that can be extremely frustrating when you are against a deadline. I finally have a dye pot which has produced something [more than once] that I am happy with – only… more than a week late, and 5 or 6 dye pots later. The yarn will be ready to photograph tomorrow, and will be online just as soon. Thank you for your patience.

When you turn something that you love into a business, there are always things that you will sacrifice. These past few weeks have had me questioning my intentions to grow, naturally dye and produce my own yarn, and if I can do it all. I realise, however, at the end of the day my passion, and the reason behind my passion, had never faltered. We can always get better, and my management of time can always be looked upon as a place for improvement! Either way, thank you for your emails and concerns – they were the extra push I needed.

Remember folks, that it is always so, so, so important that you purchase plenty of yarn for your project. No two dye lots are the same, naturally dyed or not, there will always be slight differences. I dye in batches of 1250 yds. If you need more for your project I can dye in larger batches, just send me an email, tweet, or facebook message.


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  1. Thank you. It’s always encouraging seeing someone do what they love with passion and commitment. A little delay is less important than the care with which you treat the goods (and by extension the living things around you and the earth itself) we can ultimately buy from you.

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