The perfect combination

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Last week Mister and I managed to sneak away from the hubbub of the farm for a few days – turns out, you give me needles, and he a finishing pole, and we are content for hours on end.
One of the biggest changes for us since last fall is that we are expecting our first baby in July (more on that tomorrow!), and rather than do our usual escape to mountains with our puppies and backpacks, we headed the same direction, just found a cabin and a lake instead (don’t worry, the dogs still came too) – two days in which we had a moment to enjoy ourselves pre-baby, celebrate our wedding anniversary and, well, catch up on some sleep!
Of course, like most knitters before taking a trip, the most important part of my packing was deciding upon which projects to bring with me. Only having two days and nights away I didn’t really need to take many options, but I brought along two WIPs to keep me busy – and really, who just takes one project away with them? The anxiety of finishing it, or running out of yarn, or loosing/breaking a needle and not having another project to work on is just too much. Turns out, however, that I monogomously worked on my Brock Cardigan for the Spring KAL I’m joining in with over at luvinthemommyhood. I got into a serious flow with it, and became addicted to working on it any time I could, which, when you’re in the middle of nowhere with no plans, is a lot! I managed to work up the most part of the body, including the short rows, lake side, and I finished the neat 1×1 ribbing this past weekend.
Naturally at this stage I have tried the cardi on, and, sure its needs a good blocking to get the full affect of the fit, but I’m thinking that a cropped cardigan is NOT the look for a 33 week pregnant body! I love LOVE the colour (could it remind me any more of the blues of the lake and sky?) and the fabric that the alpaca fingering creates is so soft and light, but how it looks on me right now? – I’m not so convinced. But I’m going to be doing a lot of changing in the next few months and I’m happy with the idea that this little knit will be a nice surprise to find in my pile of handknits once my body gets back to a shape that I’m more familiar with!
So this week, which I think is the last week of the KAL, I have sleeves and the icord border around the neckline and fronts to be getting on with… And, my favorite part, a search into my button tin for the perfect finishing touches.


4 thoughts on “The perfect combination

  1. it’s looking amazing! i love that you had a couple of days away to just do your own thing! sounds like heaven 🙂 you’ve made some amazing progress!! well done!! xoxo

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