The importance of the correct needles

It always amazes me how things can seem different the next morning. I remember that whenever I became frustrated with a painting or drawing  in the days when I was studying art, that if I just walked away and came back the next day, I would be able to pin point the center of my angst, fix the problem and move on.

I have had a similar thing with my knitting the past few days. Most of you are probably like me in that over the years you have accumulated a rather large collection of knitting needles. Not only is it a big collection, but one that is a little inconsistent – only 2 DPNs of that size, 4 circular needles of the exact same size and length, metal ones, wooden ones, even the odd plastic, bendy thing that you would never even dream about using, but, you still kept it.

So, as you probably do too, whenever I go to cast on a new project I assume that I don’t need to buy yet another set of needles.* I’m always so excited to get going that when I find the needles that will give me the correct gauge, even if they’re not perfect, I will just make it work. And most of the time I do.

I have been happily working away on this cotton-lacy thing I had mentioned in a previous post, finishing up sets of repeats and writing it all down. It wasn’t until yesterday morning when I picked up my knitting that I questioned what on earth am I doing?! Lace knitting, using sport weight cotton, in the round, on size 4 needles. Sounds ok? Well, how about the fact that I’m knitting with cheap bamboo circulars which restrict the cotton sliding across the needles, that have an awful transition between the cable and the needle, and, at 24″ they are just too long for the round that I’m knitting so I have to implement the magic loop method. Talk about giving myself too many problems FOR NO REASON.

So off I went, and bought myself some new needles. The amazing Addi Turbo, 16″ brass tipped circulars. As it says on the packet – the perfect needle.

The cotton is sliding right off these needles and I’m flying through each round – cant wait to show you all!!

*I have recently downloaded my one and only purchased app – Vogue Knitting – in which you can record all the knitting needles you have. It is the most efficient way I have found to keep track of my needles, and actually probably the only reason I use the app! Well worth the few bob!

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