The first!


I know this is part of my non-knitting life, but bare with me.

Look who arrived yesterday!

These two boys have kicked off our kidding season here at the dairy farm. We thought we might have woken up to more little ones this morning, but nothing quite yet! My job is to raise the kids, and looking at our records we expect just a few more in the next couple of days, but by the time the weekend hits the numbers will increase quite steadily. Mister and I moved up to work at this farm in October last year and it is with these first kids that the real work begins! New milking and kid rearing systems are being put to the test and there might be a few [pah!! probably a-plenty] hiccups along the way, but this is what we know and love. I’m so ready.

So bring it on…. But, I hear you ask, how will I keep up with by Annie Claire? Well, this morning I was up with the sunshine, you could say practicing for the milking routine, but today it was to turn on my dye pots. The rhythm of raising kids might allow me some hours in the middle of the day to knit, dye and dream about everything fiber. With all that said it doesn’t take much of a stretch of imagination to understand how unpredictable farming life is. In recognizing that there will be those days when absoluteness nothing seems to go plan and you have worked the backwards work day of 5-9, you are encouraged to seize every spare moment of your time, and we do.

4 thoughts on “The first!

  1. How exciting, Annie Claire!!! The kids are gorgeous and I’m sure you’re going to raise them well. Love the idea of your being able to knit, dye, and dream in the midday hours. Good luck with this new adventure.

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