The clan grows by 9 —- 10!


Yesterday, oh yesterday, was one of those days.

One thing after another.

Far too many things went wrong or didn’t turn out the way they should have – by 4pm I was all set to curl up in bed a call it a day. [And I basically did, in front of the wood stove along with some mindless knitting]

The next morning is always a new day, a new beginning. I woke with a fresh view on the world, but it was perhaps largely helped with the promise of something[s] that goes ‘cheep’!

3 Araucanas, 3 Black Australorps, and 3 Buff Orpingtons! At two days old they are still a little dazed, and searching for each other to keep warm and cosy.

I had gone to my local feed store earlier in the week as I had seen a sign saying they had chicks available. I was disappointed when the women told me they had sold out of that weeks ‘batch’ and that more will arrive on Friday. She went on to tell me that I had better arrive right at 9am because they will sell out fairly promptly! It turns out this feed store will sell thousands upon thousands of chicks this season having become the place to get your chicks. It was strange to feel a pressure to be there early this morning to get my handful of chickens, and still they didn’t give me what I asked for [what?!] but there is nothing better than adding a few more chickens to the flock!

In a few months time, when they are big enough, they will join my Wyandotte hens and the rooster, Reno.

Welcome home chicks!

Edited to add : I was a little mad that I was only given 3 Araucanas when I asked for four… I just checked on the little cheepers and a fourth one has magically appeared!! Funny – Ryan just went into town for some errands…

Now there are 10!! You can never have enough!


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