Sunny days

We have been having the most amazing weather up here in Humboldt County, CA. The rains haven’t yet come and the sun has continued to shine.

I took a break from chore knitting and chore spinning [yes, I did just call both them a chore… sometimes it just is] and set about working on an llama fleece that I bought from a girl down the road. You gotta love craigslist.

We are still getting to know our new property, and alongside a lot of land to familiarise ourselves with, there are also quite a few buildings and barns to explore. One of these barns is full, and I mean full, of junk from the previous owner. It’s hard to call that a bad thing for times when, as expected, I didn’t need to go too far to find just what I wanted – a screen door to dry my fleece.

I also worked on carding a Cotswold X fleece, that I bought.. ? .. way too long ago, and have had in storage for quite some time. I rinsed it in cold water a few times to get rid of the dirt, but I did not scour it for I want to try and spin a raw fleece.

Super excited about this one – does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could knit with the final raw wool yarn? Maybe just a sweater, for when the rains do come, and I’ve been assured that they will, I won’t need a rain jacket!

Tomorrow looks like it will be as nice out as it was today – good job, because I have a mohair fleece ready and waiting.

Another weather loving moment today was at lunch time. When we moved to our new house in mid-October one of the first things we did was to put some food in the ground. Today we enjoyed the first greens from our garden, along with alfalfa sprouts from our kitchen windowsill, and the cheese that our goat’s future milk will go towards.

A full and nourishing day, just what I needed.




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