Sun before the storm

We look at the weather everyday, maybe twice, maybe three times. The weather affects everyone, whether you’re paying attention or not, but when you work outside all day everyday you could say that the weather is your colleague and that you need to know what its doing.

So, we know that we’re in for a bad stretch these next ten days or so. But when you hear rumours of 12 inches of rain fall in the next week you start to worry, especially when you have this;

and this;

going on.

What does 12 inches of rain even look like?

Anyway, as we clear up, put away equipment and do all those last minute jobs you definitely don’t want to do in the rain, I am squeezing in some dye-time,

accompanied by the friendliest rooster I have ever kept. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

I’m also working away on something new, in red cabbage, that will, I’m sure, keep me entertained when the weather turns.


5 thoughts on “Sun before the storm

  1. ou la la– i like the peek at your new project! what happening in the second picture? farms are fascinating to me so i like to ask when i get the chance 🙂 in my alternate life (or who knows maybe my future life to come) i would be a small scale farmer.

    ps does your favorite rooster have a name?

    1. They are two new barns being built. It’s quite a process! Each one is going to cover over an acre! You can be a small scale farmer where ever you want – you back yarn works just fine 🙂
      Rooster is called Reno, he came with his name and it suits him well!

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