Summer Sweaters

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We are all adjusting. Actually better than I thought we would. Maybe it’s the amazingly sunny Californian summers day, or this morning’s visit from my two best knitterly friends, but it is starting to feel like we are slowly getting our groove back, and fitting into this world now as a family.

But of course it’s chaos, we’re tired, and I forget things, lots of things – one happens to be the beginning of the Summer Sweater KAL over at luvinthemommyhood. I’m no stranger to Shannon’s KALs, and in fact they are the only KALs I have ever joined in with, they’re too much fun to say no to!
However, what with my new life as Mama leaving a lot less time to knit (but I do have two FOs under my belt! more on those soon), my official ambitions for this KAL are a lot smaller than last year’s… but also because I’m going to throw in some unofficial goals.

‘Officially’ I am going to work on something for our little girl – Ruffaluffaugus by Cassandra Dominick. Not only does this pattern have the best name ever, but Cassy was awesome to offer the pattern up for free the first few days it was available. I snaffled it up, not knowing if we were to have a boy or a girl, only that it was a super cute pattern and one I would like to have stashed away. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m here, with a sweet baby girl and the unpredictable Northern Coastal CA weather. It’s all about layers. I feel like I have made our littleun wear her Puerperium Cardigan every other day, and so I was trawling through ravelry for a similar type of thing… and as it goes, the Ruffaluffagus (still love that name) popped up and to the front of the queue it went! The yarn I’m going to cast on with I am really excited about. I’m not a pink person, but I’m willing to try it out given the circumstances (you can’t avoid it, seriously, when you have a girl people give you pink things) and so when NorthboundKnitting had an update I just JUMPED at the Victorian colourway. Ok, I know, its mostly grey, but with that little bit of pink? Just scrummy.

Unofficially? Well, I went through my project basket of… projects bags. I found three sweaters. First one being the Brock Cardigan from the Spring Tops, Tanks and Tees KAL, so I really shouldn’t be counting it, but, unofficially I can do what I want right?! I have only just a few inches of the sleeves left to do, but I’m trying to work them two at a time on too short of a circular needle, and, well, I just need to get a longer needle or go back to working them one at a time. I should be wearing this cardigan right now, its so perfect for this summer weather (wasn’t that the point of the KAL?).
The second is a project I cast on a few months in to my pregnancy and I was so determined to finish before baby came… but, then, 17 inches of stockinette stitch at ~400 sts per round happened. It’s Boxy by Joji Locatelli and I still love, love this pattern. Hopefully having a bit of a break from it will keep me going until the end, before those wrinkles get really set in there!
Thirdly, the Judith Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald for my sister in law (nope, no pink for me). Yes, I’m that person that offers to knit someone something for Christmas, and then thinks about finishing it 7 months later! Yikes. The truth is that I found an error in the pattern and whilst I waited (a long time) for a response other projects jumped on the needles. I want to finish this off for her asap as she also just had a baby, a week or so before us, and I can’t wait to send this along to give her something special to cosy up in. We decided to make the cardi fully length, in the body and the sleeves, so there is a little extra brain work, but I’m just remembering how fun that lace pattern is!

So officially and unofficially I’d like to finish as much of the above as I can before the KAL deadline September 24th, but we’ll see – Mama brain, and duties, might have other plans…


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  1. I can’t wait to see your Ruffaluffagus in that gorgeous color! Yes, pink is too hard to avoid. I think some shades of pink are amazing, but the ubiquity of its presence in girl clothing can get to me. I was never good at napping when Z napped after she was born, so I knit instead. I hope you get lots of luxurious baby naps that allow you lots of mama free time.

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