Summer Sweater Knit Along!!


It’s time, it’s time!! Today is the day that everyone who is joining luvinthemommyhood’s Summer Sweater KAL can cast on! I’m always a sucker for starting another project [please don’t count how many WIPs I have] but this project I’m SO excited about – I have been prepared for it since the Tops, tees and tanks KAL in April!!

© Joji Locatelli

My pattern of choice is Umbrellas by Joji Locatelli. I have been stalking her ever since I came across this pattern. I love finding a new designer and I am seriously in love this woman’s style, I want to knit many of her patterns! It was a test knitter, however, that really sold me the pattern. I equally love the projects Isabell works on and her latest design has already hit my queue, but it was the colours she used in her version of Umbrellas that made it scream ‘KNIT ME’!

© lilalu

When I was back in England earlier this year I learned that there were TWO new knitting stores in my old town. I couldn’t believe it – why couldn’t they have existed whilst I still lived there! Anyway, I went off one morning to support them [great excuse to buy yarn] and took along Umbrellas yarn requirements with me. I found all I needed at The Little Wool Shop, who that day happened to have the greatest quote on their black board!

I walked away with a bag full of Debbie Bliss. I couldn’t find all the colours I wanted in just one yarn line so I purchased Rialto 4ply -100% merino, and Baby Cashmerino – wool/microfiber/cashmere blend, both so so soft. I will work the main body in the warm grey [it looks beige but its kinda grey, promise] and the contrasting colours will be used as follows; dark brown for the umbrella tops and flowers and the lighter brown for rain and umbrella sticks. Can you picture it? Can’t wait.
I bought extra grey yarn as I intend to knit full length sleeves, or maybe just 3/4. Either way I know I will wear it more if it had longer sleeves.

So I’m all swatched and ready to go! I’ve been looking forward to this project for a while now and had so much fun in the ravelry group for the last KAL. When I was told that this one is even bigger and better I just couldn’t turn it down! I am working on more substantial patterns for the fall which are taking up most of my knitting time, but I always need a ‘following-a-pattern’ knit going on whilst I work to keep me sane! Umbrellas is going to be that project for the next few months and I will try and give you an update every Wednesday.

Want to join in? All the details are here and you can sign up here.

start date:  june 27th, 2012
end date:  september 30th, 2012

And if you have never met Shannon and everyone over at luvinthemommyhood, you’re missing out! Get. there. now!

Happy casting on folks!

15 thoughts on “Summer Sweater Knit Along!!

  1. Well we’ll get to be sweater twinsies…fraternal of course 😉 I love your color choices. I can’t wait to get started but I have a project I MUST finish first (I’m on the edging and finishing work right now), though I did start a swatch 🙂

    1. wow, you’re so good! I’m terrible at being monogamous to my knitting projects! I’m looking forward to bothering you with all my pattern questions, ha, and sharing our progress 🙂

      1. I’m usually terrible too…I have several WIPs but what I’m finishing up is for my LYS as a sample. I have to finish it by Friday or it may never get finished 😉

  2. Remember how owls got really big a few years ago probably thanks to Kate Davies’ pattern? Well I think this KAL and this pattern is gonna have the same effect on umbrellas! Which is fine unless you’re from Vancouver, BC where it rains 28 out of the 30 days in June and you can’t believe you’d ever want to see an umbrella again and then suddenly there is this beautiful pattern and you want to actually MAKE umbrellas using little knots of colourful yarn and you feel so conflicted that you write a big long, run-on sentence that just won’t end until you are forced to just press the “Submit” button already . . . .

    1. HAHA you crack me up! At the end of last year I moved from the Bay Area to northern, more rainy, CA… and thought a similar thing myself about knitting this pattern. But, then I decided it will be a celebration of the rain we endure for half the year!

      1. Haha a celebration indeed! Oh man I should knit one for every season! Because lord knows it rains all year round. You could have like a bright green one for spring, a yellow one for summer, a brown one for fall and . . . a black one for winter? Maybe blue is more wintery. Or green and red!

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