Summer Collection 2012 : Hedge Nettle


Join us this week as each day a new colour of the Summer Collection 2012 is released!

Woo, so many goat kids born today! I thought I was never going to get here…
Hedge Nettle, it grows everywhere! You mow it down and it comes right back due to its wandering roots. It’s so pretty and I enjoy finding it around the property this time of year, adding some life into mundane bushes and brambles. I love the small delicate flowers that are so full of vibrant colour. I have been using it frequently in little jars of flowers I have around the house, but when also known as woundwort it is used by herbalists for a wide variety of ailments. But for me, its a fabulous dye plant!
My initial recipe experiments dyed a strong chartreuse, but I decided to tone it down by using less plant matter to create a softer, more green tone. It reminds me of a setting sun’s rays on freshly cut grass… oh, its summer everyone!!

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Just one more colour, tomorrow, to complete the Summer Collection 2012. See you then!

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