Summer Collection 2012 : Dock Root


Wow, how the clouds did gather, and drenched us with a blowing rain today. It took me completely by surprise.* What storms and wet weather usually promise have exceeded their expectation – lots of kids, 15 actually, born in the last two days. Phew, I’m tired.

Anyway, without further ado, whilst I still can form semi-reasonable sentences, here is the third and final colour of the Summer Collection 2012! [Aren’t I glad I took these pictures a few days ago!]

Under the alders, in the south pastures is where the ground it softest. This is where I dig. For what? Curly Dock Root. I didn’t think I would ever use this dye plant as it takes more effort than other plants to harvest. Anyone else find that the busier they get the more ambitious? It makes no sense.
The aim of the game is to loosen the soil about the root and to pull out the root in one, but often they snap. Once gathered you chop the root up into bite size pieces [which look like carrots!] wash, wash and wash again to be rid of the dirt, and soak overnight. Whilst tied up in cheese cloth the soggy roots will steep in with the fiber, and left until the next morning when you are rewarded with a brick grey-brown that holds an earthy warmth.

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More pictures to come of the collection as a whole… and a new pattern!

*I could easily complain more about working out in this rain, it makes everything three times harder, but with another wet day expected tomorrow I have stew in the pot and many-a WIP ready for cosy-in-front-of-the-fire time! Can’t wait!…


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