Summer Collection 2012 : Coyote Brush


Join us this week as each day a new colour of the Summer Collection 2012 is released!

From the three houses I have lived in since I moved to CA I have never had to go too far to find Coyote Brush, and tons of it at that! Whilst I mostly find it wild and unkept, this shrub is a hardy, fast growing, and easy to maintain choice for the native gardener who wishes for ‘green’ year round. In the later part of Autumn white seed heads will develop but it is the newest growth in Spring that is best part of the plant to dye with. I waited to dye with Coyote Brush for the Summer Collection to allow even more growth of fresh stems. But we have SO much of this on our property I could never even make a dent! When I begun experimenting with natural dyes this was the very first plant I experimented with – and so have a soft spot for it. I love the aroma it gives of as you work with it and how easy it is to harvest and handle.
When soaked and steeped over night this soft yellow pigment is available for the fiber to soak up! Like I said I am a sucker for this natural dye and the colour it produces. There is something about the butteryness of it that reminds me of a bight and bold sunrise, and the promise of a new day.

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