Stories from Snoqualmie Valley MKAL

Yesterday we kicked off the first day of Autumn with a new MKAL! Our Spring mystery knit-along, Tales from the Isle of Purbeck was so well received and such a blast that I couldn’t help but design another MKAL for the cosy fall months.

I can’t tell you how happy I was when Anna of Tolt Yarn and Wool agreed to showcase her special farm yarn in this mystery knit along!

DSC_0005 copy.jpeg copy

Snoqualmie Valley Yarn (No.2) is the inspiration behind this design – a unique lightweight DK single source yarn coming from, you guessed it, the heart of Snoqualmie Valley. Having visited this area quite a bit this year, and getting to know Anna and the Tolt crew, I’m drawn to this yarn and their efforts in bringing you a true farm to needle yarn!
Snoqualmie Valley Yarn is a rustic blend of Bluefaced Leicester and Clun Forest wool which is purposefully and organically raised by Jeff and Katya Rogers. From pasture, to mill, to your needles – it’s a journey that is thoughtfully planned, organised, and carried out, and I wanted to create a design that reflects all the hard work that’s been put in.

And so this MKAL is a slightly more involved project and as I was working away on my sample I took the time to take some video tutorials outlining some of the unusual stitches. It turns out that I am definitely not a pro in this field, and upon uploading the videos I discovered that between the lighting, a cream colored yarn, the wrong backdrop, and my very basic recording equipment (aka my phone) the stitch definition is completely lost and the only thing that could possibly be useful is my blabbering narration of what I was trying to show you.

And so I turn to the wonderful, wonderful knitters out there who are far more experienced in this than I am (!) and their online tutorials which are ready and available to help you get well on your way!!

Make sure to share updates and other tips and trick in our ravelry MKAL thread!! See you there!

First off; the Invisible Provisional Cast On

RT: right twist;

LT: left twist;


T7B: twist 7 back (this tutorial has you purl the middle stitch, however I simply knit this stitch)

P tbl: purl through the back loop


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