Stand still and I will felt you!

Carrying on from, oh, about two weeks ago [!?] there are a few more FO I can share, and there is something they have in common – felting!

The first is a project that I found over at The Purl Bee. I am always checking out what they are up to and pretty much always want to cast on [immediately] any knitting project they post. Because of this I have learned not to leave the project page open on my computer thinking that I will knit it, and then after a month or more feel bad when I close it down and feel like I ‘never get round to doing things’.



So, I did just that, and closed the window quickly after drooling over the simplicity of these felted oven mittens. [I now use this method as a great test, for if I then go back to the project its obviously something I really want to knit.] Along with the fact that when we moved we threw out our old, torn oven mittens and quickly learned, the hard way, that tea towels just don’t cut it, I came back to The Purl Bee, found me some Lambs Pride, and got knitting.

These guys are hilarious. They knit up SO big. I did get a picture, maybe on an iphone, but I can’t seem to find it right now. They’re quick, mindless and fun. I finished one in a night, and into a pillow case it went. I washed them each twice, with a smallish load of laundry. I felted one and then the other and managed to get them exactly the same size – is there a point where the fabric wont shrink/felt any more?
What is more important is that the felted fabric is so dense and just perfect for protecting your hands. I finished them just before Thanksgiving and were quickly worn in with all the dishes coming in and out of the oven.


It seems I got a little hooked on felting that week because, next, I turned to my wardrobe and pulled out all my old wool sweaters that I no longer wore [no hand knits, don’t worry] and threw them in the wash in a similar fashion. *Shrink*

Inspired by the Felted Placemat by Marie Wallin I cut 22inch diameter place mats from the felted fabric and finished the edges with blanket stitch. Into each section of the blanket stitch I crocheted [2sc, 1ch, 2sc, 1ch] with some cotton from my stash. I didn’t want to make the edge too ‘frilly’ and was happy with how rustic the final border looks.

They are such a neat way to use up those old sweaters you have hanging around and looked so good underneath our Thanksgiving dinner plates!



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