People are starting to talk about it, and today it sure feels like it, so I’ve been thinking a bit about Spring and whats in store for by Annie Claire.

The second seasonal collection of Yarn will be available on the Spring Equinox, March 20th, and as I work on a new collection of colours I have ideas for including more spring minded fibers. We’re just at the beginning and lots can change in the next month but I am enjoying playing around with cottony-lacey things.

We have also discovered, and subsequently had it confirmed, that this property used to be a daffodil farm! They are dotted everywhere,  and our kitchen table has never before had such a supply!

Unfortunately it wont be long until some of the goats are allowed access to the daffs, and they wont last long! [The daffs, not the goats, silly]. Best gather them up while I can!

Oh! and don’t forget to enter our Giveaway…. the deadline was extended to tomorrow, Friday 10th midday PST! Whooho

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