Spring Collection 2012 : Horsetail


Join us this week as each day a new colour of the Spring Collection 2012 is released :

Introducing the third colour of the Spring Collection 2012 : Horsetail

This is the colour I was waiting for. Horsetail is an amazing looking plant that grown quickly and abundantly. You will notice it along the sides of the road in damp areas. It fun to learn about the area around our new home, and figure out which dye plants are available to me. As mentioned in yesterdays post, I was sure that I would find plenty of horsetail around here, however, I was only finding immature plants with their heads just starting to come up above ground – perhaps I was just too early.

On a walk last weekend, I found just the pot of gold I was after. I went back the next day to harvest the amount I needed. In a few more weeks this plant will cover our roadsides and I won’t have to wonder too far to find it, but for now, this dusty rose colour is a little precious, and I love it. I’m not a girlie girl, and you will never see me chose pink over any other colour – except maybe for this one.

You can find more info here : and find the yarn for purchase here.




3 thoughts on “Spring Collection 2012 : Horsetail

  1. Hi there, did you use the leaves only, stems only or the whole plant? My horsetails only give yellow…I’m wondering how the pink happened? 🙂

    1. Hi! I used alumn mordent and young shoots! Those that hadn’t fully opened yet. The soil may have a factor too – where I live it is very acidic… oh the wonders of natural dyes!

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