Spring Collection 2012 : Daffodil


Introducing the first colour of the Spring Collection 2012 : Daffodil!

There is nothing more prominent than the sight of Daffodils announcing that it is [almost] spring time! You may have read about the amazing amount of these beautiful bulbs coming up on our property. Rather than let these trumpets simply rot back into the ground I have been harvesting the pigment from the petals to produce this dusty yellow.

I harvest just the flower, the yellow petaled head of the bulb. I go for the ones that have nearly had it, the ones that are beginning to turn, and leave the budding bunches, for they must have their chance to show off their splendor.

When boiled and steeped, as you might imagine, the daffodils turn to mush. Its amazing how such a big pot of fresh flowers can turn to just a handful of slimy matter. When all said and done, I compost any waste.

I have never been surrounded with so many daffodils and there is a limit as to how many I can put in a jar and spread around our home. It’s such a great opportunity to turn the decaying flowers into something more, something that we can spend hours, weeks, and years, knitting, wearing and enjoying.

You can find more info here : and find the yarn for purchase here.

Even the girls like them!

So, welcome to the first day to Spring. It couldn’t be more spring-less here with rain falling and mud puddles everywhere, but, I have the wood stove working hard, the knitting projects are lined up, and with hopes for a good growing season I just completed my seed order for the year. Bring on the sunshine.

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