Spring Collection 2012 : Bracken


Join us this week as each day a new colour of the Spring Collection 2012 is released :

Introducing the second colour of the Spring Collection 2012 : Bracken

Moving to Northern California does not come without the promise of rain. Until about 2 weeks ago we hadn’t really seen much of this promised rain, except for a few storms here and there. These days we are forced to stay aware of where our rain jackets are, where our boots are, and the dreaded, but essential, thorough wipe down of the dogs as they come inside each night. But other things that come with this damper climate are the wonderfully large Redwood trees, Douglas Firs, blackberry, thimble berry and huckleberry bushes, redwood sorrel, and in huge clusters – bracken fern, just to name a few.
You don’t have to look too far from our front door to find all the bracken fern you could ever need. What with some, er, renovations happening about this place [more here] quite a bit of the vegetation has been cleared to make way for barns and buildings. I experimented with this often over looked plant to see if I could harvest some of the colour rather than have it just be ripped out and taken away. Although, in the larger picture I have only used a fraction of the bracken that has been cut down, I’m happy to have turned ‘waste’ into something beautiful.
I never thought that beige was a colour. But how wrong could I be. The pigments found in the bracken fern turn the wool fibers a soft golden beige – to some eyes you might call it a light brown. Either way this tone warms me, it reminds me of the colour of tea, walnut cake and wooden floors. When you compare it to ‘Lichen‘ of the Winter Collection, that’s when you understand that beige is a real colour.

You can find more info here : and find the yarn for purchase here.


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