Small steps


Yesterday, as I finally caught up with the rest of the world and turned my calender over to the correct month, I was encouraged to have one of the more inspired days I’ve had in the last few weeks.

You’ll never guess – I had an afternoon off!! Raising dairy animals is an insane amount of work, and I have had little time to spend with by Annie Claire except for the usual stocking of the shop and emailing out patterns. However yesterday afternoon I had some of my farm work covered for the afternoon [which I think is going to become a regular thing, yay!], and I enjoyed  [what felt like all the time in the world] a few hours locked away in my office surrounded by yarn, sketches, swatches, dye recipes, and ideas for the future.

Things are steadily growing around these parts and I am never short on new ideas – the biggest struggle I have had during the busy times on the farm is to act on these ideas. Strong foundations are a priority and although it is so tempting to launch straight on into new projects [as per the calender] I have been quietly sitting on all these plans, allowing the time to act to present itself. But yesterday afternoon showed me a glimpse. My brain was allowed to totally focus on the thoughts I have been carrying around. Stuff was written down and ideas were organised, swatches were knitted up and new designs finally found their way onto needles. And whats most exciting – new farms with interesting yarns were contacted… Fall, and into Winter, is going to be an exciting time around here…

… and what else is a girl to do with an afternoon off? Well, visit her LYS of course!! [Don’t worry I kept my clothes on]. Like 4480 other people before me, I think Colour Affection is calling me! See what I bought?!

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