Slow and steady

It’s December, and, I’m taking a pre-new years resolution. Maybe call it a end-of-year resolution.

To SLOW down.
I have patterns, designs, ideas, yarn everywhere these days. I woke up the other day with inspiration for a design that I’m worried I have already forgot! It’s exciting, and I want to do it all NOW. The thrill of doing everything all at once is something that I have always been attracted to; I like a challenge. Throw in living and working on a goat dairy farm, growing most of our food, chickens, dogs etc. etc. and you get the idea of my kind of challenge. However, do that for too long and that is when mistakes are made, that is when you miss things, you compromise, you get upset and now you wish you had taken it slower. That is me.
Conclusion: my resolution to slow down. More specifically I will refine what I already have, to go into the new year with a more solid foundation.
That means: revisit patterns [all who have purchased a pattern will get a most current version], explore more the wonders of natural dying and make available a more seasonally focused array of colour, and firmly establish this slow, steady frame of mind and take it into 2012.


Another reason for all of this is that I have the feeling 2012 is going to be a big one…

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