Slow and steady

The project I am working on for the Summer Sweater KAL over at luvinthemommyhood couldn’t be more fitting at the moment as the past few days have brought rain and spectacular storms. Even if the storms came in the middle of the night, and today’s soggy ground doesn’t help matters when trying to dig a well, the garden and flowers are forever grateful and as always they will grow just a little more quickly these next few days and fill our home and bellies will all things beautiful.

My Umbrellas project found itself patiently waiting on the handle of my bedroom door for the majority of this past week. In contrast to my garden, my sweater has only grown a little bit since I posted last. I only managed to pick it up once, on Sunday, when I had a short hour to sit down and indulge myself in something completely different to other projects I am working on. Whilst knitting I was thinking how I want to do more colour work and found a class on Craftsy that I hope to take in the coming months. Steaking has always intrigued and petrified me! I really want to give it a go!
I also bought longer circulars which I wanted to switch onto. Whilst working the yoke and increasing by more and more stitches I want to see the progress, be able to stretch out my little umbrellas and, when I past the sleeves and work into the body I will now be able to try my sweater on without having to use extra needles/yarn.
Another reason this guy had little time in my hands is because they are complete engrossed in new knits for the fall. I will soon need test knitters and want to put a word out that any one interested in test knitting can give me a shout here.

So on we go to another week – for me its full of goat kids and yarn, and my Mum who is coming to visit! I also have a full day off from goat duties on Friday, for it is a special day…. more on that, then!



13 thoughts on “Slow and steady

  1. Ohhhh…you brave girl! You’ll have to fill us all in on the Steaking class. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Again…gorgeous pics and I’m obsessed with your umbrellas colorway 🙂

  2. Still just as gorgeous as ever! I had to go up to a 36 inch circ simply for the sheer volume of stitches and honestly it goes by faster that way and you’re not so nervous you’ll drop a stitch or 12 🙂

    Steeking! Ack, me too! Is the class on Craftsy for steeking & colorwork? ‘Cause I might take it too if it is 🙂

      1. Ooooh, that looks fab! I do have a birthday coming up so if I get any extra $$$ I just might sign up. Usually I just muddle through things on my own but how fun would a class be?

  3. I think I’m going to take this course in the Fall. I’ve always wanted to try steeking and I think this year will be it.
    I can see umbrella’s!!!

  4. I really do love that sweater, and what a lovely bag you have it stored in. Mine is in a grotty plastic bag, but you have inspired me to find a pretty bag to put it in!

  5. Steaking is next on my list of knitting things that terrify me. Of course my last one was sweaters and I’m doing just fine with those. Maybe someday.

  6. What a great glass. The only problem is that I don’t think I would ever wear that sweater. Hmmm…Your umbrellas are truly gorgeous. And I am eager to see what you have in the works.

  7. BEAUTIFUL! I love the knitting you have done and the colors. And I love your photos. We are in draught where I live and even my hardy plants have minature flowers on them right now, so I really enjoy seeing plants really thriving.

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