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It’s strange to blog so late in the day but, with the sun shining [we haven’t anything but rain for weeks], I was out in the garden pretty much all day today preparing beds and soil for seeds and starts. I’m so excited for better, vegetable-growing weather!

In the newsletter that went out yesterday [if you don’t already get it, you can sign up here] I promised a quick run through of our new website.

I had wanted to upgrade our site for a quite a while, and about a month ago I dedicated a whole weekend to sprucing up the place. I wanted to create a site that accommodated pictures and photographs more readily as I find that when I browse online and read all your blog posts every morning, it is the pictures that speak to me most. [Oh, on a side note, I gave in this past weekend and signed up to Pinterest – you can find me here – I love looking at everyone’s ‘knitting’ and ‘yarn’ boards… share with me yours!] I also wanted to create a site that wasn’t based around my blog. I wanted to make it more straightforward for visitors to find information on my yarn and products without getting bombarded with the blog.
So, similar to my Etsy update, here is just a simple explanation of what your will find and where.

Home : At a glance you will get an overview of what is going on for us at the moment at by Annie Claire, and whatever else we might want to share with you. I have hopes to update this main page more and more frequently, so that each time you visit you learn something new!

About : Well, this is where you can find out about who is behind by Annie Claire. You can read about why I do what I do, and how to get a hold of me. The simplest way is to fill out the form you find here. [On, yet another, side note email is always the best way to contact me, messages on ravelry and facebook can sometimes take me a day or so to get to.]

Blogged : Here it is! I mean, here you are! My ramblings about knitting, dyeing, spinning, crocheting, weaving, chick raising, vegetable growing, and a life goat dairy farming… come say hi.

Written : Annie Claire. This is where you will find all my hand knit designs, and how you can purchase or download your own copy. I design knitwear that is practical and fun to knit. I wouldn’t spend so much time on it otherwise! You can also find explainations of all the abbreviations I use in my pattern writing.

Yarn : Naturally dyed, organic Californian yarn… Check out which plants the current seasonal collection is dyed with!

Salvaged : A new line by Annie Claire. 100% recycled cotton, salvaged from long forgotten items. There are summery-cottony patterns on their way!

Etsy : Here you find all the yarn, patterns, and recycled cotton offered by Annie Claire. Deals are often going on, but of course, you will also find out about them on here.

– and that’s it!

Also with this new site I wanted to make it easier for me to join in with you all over on Facebook and Twitter etc. You can find me in all the different corners of the world by clicking on the ‘follow me’ button on the left of your screen, <<< there. Along with Pinterest I have signed up with Crafsty – its such a fun site! If you want to learn more crafts and skills, you must check out their workshops!! I want to do them all!

Now to the fun stuff. I’m giving you guys the chance to win two skeins of yarn from the new Spring Collection. Just, cause. Maybe all the sun today has got to my head.

All you have to do is say hello in the comments below, and, if you want an extra chance to win, sign up to the newsletter, or follow me on facebook, or twitter, pinterest…. anything you like, and come back here and tell me that you did! You can choose two skeins of the same colour or two different, -the choice is yours! Deadline is midday Easter Sunday, PST. Wahoo.
Happy Monday everyone!

34 thoughts on “Site tour and giveaway

  1. hello annie!
    like the new look of your website! very neat and beautiful!
    i already signed up to your newsletter, liked your fb some weeks ago and am now following you on pinterest (i feel like a stalker! ;@))))
    have a great sunny day!

  2. great job on the new website design! and the new spring colors šŸ™‚ i think today i pick horsetail as my fav (but that might be different tomorrow!)

    i am now following you on pinterest (and facebook, twitter from before). pin some good stuff for me to find– particularly spring/summer designs!

    let me know if you need any test knits… i’ve still got the leftovers from the fingerless mitts. have a great day!

  3. Hi! I LOVE the Spring collection! I’m subscribed to your newsletter, I follow on twitter as chels580, I follow on Pinterest as Chelsea Wong, and I like you on fb as Chelsea Wong. And I just like you in general šŸ™‚

    Chels580 on Rav.

  4. I love your new website! I already have liked you on Facebook and now will follow on Twitter and Pinterest. I would love to win some of your beautiful yarn!

    TheNattyKnitter on Ravelry

  5. my goodness! I love the colours SO MUCH! Is this giveaway open to Canadians? I hope so, that would be pretty rad šŸ™‚ Regardless, Just wanted to say that I love it, and whoever wins, is very lucky!

  6. Love the new site! Only problem is the font is a bit tiny…Something to consider. I love the new colors, so pastel for spring! My favorites are horsetail and daffodil.
    I already follow you on fb, and just added you on pinterest.

  7. i love your yarn! and of course i’d love an opportunity to knit with it! beautiful job on the new site! it’s lovely. also, you should totally knit the gemini. jane is a good friend of mine. as is shannon from luvinthemommyhood. we’re doing a kal on ravelry. both shannon and i are knitting gemini. you should join in!

    1. Hey Rebecca! I read your blog! You guys were the ones that gave me even more of a push to cast that baby on… but I have some restrictions this year – ‘knit patterns other than my own with yarn I have made, either spun or hand dyed’. yikes… but I’m thinking about using Salvaged, held double?

  8. Hi, Annie! Think I forgot to tell you I signed up to follow you on Pinterest! Do like the looks of your boards. Mine are still a work in progress, but I guess that’s normal…

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