Sew Sunday : Times three

Currently, my weekly rhythm leaves Sunday as my sewing day – a day in which I can get out all my sewing supplies, a cup of tea, and take over our dining room table. Whilst I haven’t sewn properly in many years, last summer, whilst my Mum was visiting, my passion for it was rediscovered and I’d like to use this space as a way of documenting my weekly projects.
Nothing to wordy. Mostly pictures.
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Pattern : Divided Basket Pattern, by Noodlehead
Fabric : Pashmina by Sentimental Studios for Moda Fabrics
Notes : These baskest are amazing. As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I wanted to make a set. Like my knitting, I like to sew practical items – and whats better than cute storage?
For every step I had a little factory line going, as I knew I wanted to make more than one, and, as always, in sewing them up, I wanted to be as efficient as I could be. Like last time, these baskets were a first for a few things. I am no stranger to interfacing, and fusible at it’s best, but this was the first time I had used fusible fleece for extra support. Although sturdy, they are still squishy and I can already think of many uses for these guys around the house. I will definitely be making more. I love the coordinating exterior fabric and how the lining is simple – cheap calico – and that it matches perfectly with the rustic woven cotton handles.
Noodlehead‘s pattern is great – clear and instructive – and I’m excited to be slowly learning that there are just as many indie sewing designers out there as there are knitting designers! Who knew?! I’ll happily support them!
For now, these baskets find themselves on the shelves of an awaiting changing table, looking pretty – their ultimate use soon to be discovered.

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