Sew Sunday : Envelope Tee

Currently, my weekly rhythm leaves Sunday as my sewing day – a day in which I can get all my sewing supplies, a cup of tea, and take over our dining room table. Whilst I haven’t sewn properly in many years, last summer, whilst my Mum was visiting, my passion for it was rediscovered and I’d like to use this space as a way of documenting my projects.
Nothing to wordy, mostly pictures.
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Pattern : Envelope Tee, from Growing up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee
Size : 0-3 month
Fabric : My most favourite t-shirt, ever.
Notes : There was a lot of firsts with this little project – my first time sewing with knits, first time using a stretch needle and first time using a twin needle. But most importantly – this is the first baby item I have sewn (more about that soon). Add all of that on top of cutting up your most loved, stained, misshapen t-shirt and you have a pretty stressful experience. However, I so love the outcome and have a feeling there are many more of these in my future (the pattern also has a short sleeves option). Sewing with knits is highly rewarding and although it was a challenge and required a bit more attention, I am excited to get some more practice at it.

2 thoughts on “Sew Sunday : Envelope Tee

  1. It’s so cute 🙂 Isn’t that book great? It’s full of fab stuff.
    She’s also got a pattern for a long “nightie” type thing (maybe with elastic at the bottom?) Anyway, I thoroughly recommend those for babies – I used a ton with my kids at night. Makes nighttime nappy changing quick and easy.

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