Seize the day


I’m doing just that today. The rain drops have been exchanged for sunlight and I have been enjoying some time outside doubling my dyeing speed using my bigger pots, and finishing the last few rows of my next pattern. It has been soaked and is now blocking, all 6.2 ft of it, ready to be photographed later this week.

I’ve also had the dopey company of Osa. She usually is following Huxley around all day, but he has had to spend a day with the vet. Shes a little bored, bothering the chickens and catching up on sleep, but I think Huxley will be the most depressed of the two when we pick him up this afternoon.

This sun isn’t going to hang around long, so I’m glad making the most of it!

I’m going back to work and spin all afternoon, outside? Perhaps!!!




4 thoughts on “Seize the day

  1. I’m so excited to see your new scarf — it’s gorgeous. And I love knowing that you were dyeing outside today. We just had a snow storm this weekend so it’s been cold and slushy in NY. Hope Huxley is back home!

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