Seasons of change

While it seems the search for balance in life is a continuous (and illusive) thing, the end of 2016 came with an opportunity for us to really look at life. We moved house. We traded our 40 acres of dairy farming chaos for a calmer 1 acre down by the ocean, just down the road from the farm. It had been on our hearts for a while but suddenly fell into place last Autumn to have somewhat separate ‘work life’ from ‘life life’. It’s been quite the journey as, on top of the mammoth task of packing and moving and transitioning as a family, we worked to pull our new place out of the 70s and updated the kitchen and bathrooms. In the breaks of the winter rain we have taken trees down and cleared brush piles to open up and revive the forgotten places in the garden. There is still a lot of work to do, but there is a bit of a buzz about the place as Spring is surely on its way and the dreams and plans for huge veggie, herb and flower gardens are a-plenty. I look forward to getting to know our new corner of this world!!

What this move has meant for my knitting is that I now have far more focused ‘work’ hours. I’ve made an effort to streamline a bit – you know, freeing my inbox of unwanted emails, uninstalling and unfollowing unwelcome distractions, and I prioritise planning my time more than before. It’s a slow start, but I’m seeing the rewards and have big goals for this year!.. and with just a little more construction work there is space for a studio for me here!!

I’m excited to have a few patterns coming up in the next few weeks, and you will want to sign up to my newsletter (see top right >> ) as subscribers will get the first ‘know’ and the best introductory discounts that I like to run!! 🙂

I hope you are all doing well knitting friends and this New Year is treating you just as fine!!

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