Row by row

Living on the CA coastline you usually greet summer mornings with a few long hours of fog. Whilst it will burn off by lunch time I do long for the later part of the year when we will finally be able to wake up to sunshine. Yesterday morning as Mister and I headed out to milk it wasn’t until about 6am that I realised that the sun was already shining! I hurried through my morning chores to spend time soaking it up – in the vegetable garden. Even though it feels like I have neglected the beds for half the summer, the garden is well in its groove of supplying our bellies with the taste of homegrown. As I sat down to work on a new design I swiftly discovered that I hadn’t had enough coffee didn’t have the brain power to work through the next stage in the pattern. I didn’t want to taint the morning sun with knitters frustration so, I quickly found my Umbrellas project and worked a few more rows before the whispers from weeds and slugs got too loud and my hands found themselves busy with garden work.
When an inch takes what seems to feel like 3 hours, the body of my Summer Sweater KAL project is trundling along at a slower pace than I’m used to, but it works well, when the rest of life is going three hundred miles an hour, to adopt a slower speed with my needles.
So I won’t complain.


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5 thoughts on “Row by row

  1. Yes! I love the steady progress the body afforded, of couse since I striped mine everytime I was bored I added a stripe 🙂 Still yours will be GORGEOUS when it’s finished. I love the subtle colours you’ve chosen 🙂

    I so wish I could garden but I am a notorious black thumb (plants cringe in my presence) 🙁 however I can grow kids- 5 of them and they grow just as fast as weeds, faster I think 😉

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