It’s all a balancing act, always, right?
As I spend more and more of my time out with the Mister and the goats I am challenged to fit in time for my needles, dye pots and most importantly inspiration. Luckily plenty of the monotonous jobs a farm presents to its worker allows time for little business meetings, design brainstorming and list prioritizing in my head.
I am now in a rhythm. Where I have enjoyed a few months without having to get up early [although I usually did to catch time with the Mister] I am now back in the hands of my alarm clock, and with a get-up-and-get-ready approach to my early start I fit in a few hours with by Annie Claire before I wander outside in to the consuming farm life.

This morning I work on a few more rows of my Uhura before a [hopefully] more drastic update tomorrow on my progress with the tops, tees and tanks KAL over at luvinthemommyhood.
I can see the goats from my window. Work out there is a-plenty. At this time of year it is pressing and you can easily get swept away with it. The busier we get I’m realising that my space, and my time is just as important. My needles calm my head and my body and I try to not demean the needs of my creativity – it needs to be exercised and entertained for there to be a balance. Some days I will get it wrong, some days it will all feel out of wack, but in the meantime I will try and fit it all together, side by side.

The next step is figuring out how to stay up past 8:30pm!!


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