After deciding that I would no longer spin and sell hand spun farm fiber, my wheel has sat neglected in the corner of the room for the best part of this year. This past week we were reunited and I couldn’t be happier.

As the seasons change, the days grow shorter and farm work load gets smaller…just for now, I find that my spare time is being spent more wisely. I am giving more priority to the moments when I just sit, or – heaven forbid – read a book. Non-designing knitting is making a comeback and the spinning, well I’m taking it steady.
Sometimes I can be all in. I get involved with something and I’m all gun-ho about it [pretty sure I can hear a certain few giggling about now], until the point, which often comes sooner rather than later, that my life suddenly feels overwhelming and I’m taking on too much all at one time. It’s going to be a lifetime ‘curse’, I have no doubt. So when I went along to the Natural Fiber Fair two weekends ago and fell in love with the colours of Carin Engen‘s Merino and Corridale hand dyed roving I decided to select 6oz of the most autumnal tones and take it home to find that corner of the room and uncover my wheel. The afternoon came when I finally got to that corner and, in my usual state, it would have been filled with non stop spinning and plying until I had the fibers all twisted and turned into the yarn I am envisioning. But this time I’m taking my time, trying not to over indulge, with just 1 oz and 20 minutes a day.

One bobbin full, the next is slowly catching up, and I’m undecided whether to spin a 2-ply or not, but I’m enjoying taking this step back to my spinning slowly and purposefully, and being surrounded by even more Autumn.

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