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.. not in a bad way, promise! When we were able to catch up with my family at Christmas – my siblings coming together from all over the world – my sister-in-law brought with her one of the Clara Dresses I had made for my niece a few years back. We had chosen the pattern together, and I’m pretty sure I had worked from my stash using up some Frog Tree Pediboo in the most berry-yummy purple. It was a fun knit (not the quickest) and I just loved how it came out. This pattern is so pretty. I popped it in the mail, sending it miles and miles away, and when it arrived it was quickly discovered that there is one big problem. The neck opening is SMALL.

If you look on ravelry its a common problem, the opening just doesn’t offer much in the way of stretching over an often-larger-than-you-might-think baby head. At the time I had no baby on hand to try out the knit and hadn’t noticed the problem (and went on to fix said problem with another dress… and adjusted the yoke to have a much bigger opening).
But the problem is back in my hands. Lou has managed to wear this number a few times whilst I could squeeze it over her head but its amazing how quickly those noggin’s grow! The chest is nice and wide, and the skirt full, so we definitely have some time in it yet – if it weren’t for the neck!
Short of using my machine to sew along either side of the the opening, going deeper, cutting (!) a bigger slit, and crocheting an edge to cover up my mess stitching, I’m not really sure what else to do. Any thoughts?

Ps. told you purple is the ‘pink’ in this household!!

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