KBP-16DSC_0364DSC_0361 DSC_0362DSC_0365 DSC_0367I’ve having one of those slow-down-and-regroup mornings. My Mum left yesterday, having been with us for a few weeks, and between her inspiring me to start all these wild and wonderful sewing projects, cast on many-a new knitting projects and the plain excitement of having a guest for a while (and getting horribly sick in the midst of it) I’m at that place where I need to get my head around what I’m working on.

I’m working on a few new patterns at the moment, one cardigan in the tech editing stage that is almost ready for testers (and already has its own slew of amazing photographs), and a shawl-like spin on the poncho that is so close to being off the needles I should just get on with it. It’s my first ever project working with lace, and you might call me crazy designing a fully charted pattern that eats up about 1500yds of the skinny stuff, but I LOVE how its turning out – the knitted fabric is amazing – and I cant wait to get it to the blocking boards. You see, I really should just crank it out.
Before I got sick I had grand plans to work on an adult sized project for the Tops, Tanks and Tees KAL over at with that lush purple. However, it’s up in 8 days and so I’m thinking I’ll work on a smaller little something for Louella using this naturally dyed sandy coloured merino/silk blend, also from Swans Island. I bought it along with some fabric for a 1st birthday outfit (1 year old already?!) at the beginning of July. I’ve only played with a little swatch so far but it’s so nice to work with, and reminds me of Brambleberry Yarn’s Loganberry base I used for Leaf Stole (notice a colour preference?!).
Another project on the go for Lou is the R&R Hoodie by Tanis Lavallee of Tanis Fiber Arts. I’m using some CA merino wool I naturally dyed using Madder Root. It was a pure fluke, trying to exhaust a dye bath, and I entered the fiber bone dry which often means the rate at which the dye bath is absorbed fluctuates across the skein. The result is this awesome varigated salmony pinky coral colour and I’m enjoying seeing it develop as I knit it up. Lou is pretty chunky and going by her chest size I’m knitting the 18month size, however its coming out pretty big and so I’m not rushed to get this off the needles. It’s always nice to have an easy going project on the needles, the aran weight and large needles are a bonus!
That gorgeous crochet blanket? My Mum finished it off whilst she was here (along with a gazillion other projects) and she sneakily left it behind as a gift! I love it so much.. and it will be spread out on the table for now, because its far to pretty not to be on display!

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  1. sometimes you have to step back and gain perspective.. I’ve had a bit of the cast on-itis and my wips are growing with so little time! so instead of worrying about it, I am drinking my tea!

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