Redwood Yarn Stomp 2012


I’m sorry I was too busy to share this with you before it happened but last weekend I enjoyed taking part in the local annual Redwood Yarn Stomp 2012. I live in the very northern end of CA and if you try to leave the little cluster of towns and people you have to drive at least 2 hours in any direction through the trees and mountains to find more people. It’s pretty remote. However, inside this artistic little cluster there are seven, yes SEVEN yarn stores, all independent, and they all took part in this fabulous idea….

We ‘Stompers’ all had a little passport and went along to each store to get a stamp on the designated page. Although I didn’t get to every single one of them, Friday morning I was allowed to escape goat duties and went on a speed-stomp visiting Chicken Boots in Blue Lake, Yarn and NorthCoast Knittery in Eureka and The Knitters Lane which is just down the road in McKinleyville… and Saturday I managed visit one more, Fabric Temptations in Arcata.

I have to admit I felt a little yarn-stored out after it all – there was a lot of yarn I sniffed and squished. However it was so great to go visit and support each store, as you can imagine I had NO problem finding a little something in each store that just HAD to come away with me. At each place we were gifted a little something, and I scored needles, amazing hat patterns and wool wash! And I entered each store’s raffle as it was all part of the fun…. some of the prize baskets were filled with so much yarn and goodness it was just amazing!!

Sunday night I got a call from my friend April who owns Knitter Lane. I WON her raffle! Her prize basket had my name on it! I couldn’t believe it! She was closed Monday and so I nipped away yesterday to pick up my winnings whilst running errands. You should feel the weight of this thing, 40ish skeins of Frog Tree Alpaca Chunky, pattern books, needles, it’s incredible….!!! But I tell you what – that is a lot of yarn all at once, I’m struggling to know what knit with it!! Oh boy its so, so soft! What is your favorite chunky knit pattern?
Cute basket too!

Thank you April and all you Yarn Stompers! I look forward to next year!



1 thought on “Redwood Yarn Stomp 2012

  1. wowza! look at those winnings! that’s sooo awesome!!! also, i loove the idea of the yarn store passport thing. i would so love to participate in that kind of thing. i want to visit all of those 7 stores!!!
    sounds like a lovely time.
    ps. i have been eying the aidez sweater for quite some time. it uses chunky yarn 🙂 xo

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