Sorry about the silence the past few days – weeks? Things have picked up a notch over here, and not only in my fiber world. Out on the farm we have been preparing for yet another kidding season, the now 4-5 month old kids are out of the kidding barn and onto pasture, and with Mister having some physical restrictions [he’s fine, just has to take it easy for a while] the rest of us are rallying around to give his body a bit of a break. But, the main thing we have been working hard to prepare for is, the rain. This is definitely not the wettest place in the world, but it is by far the wettest place I have ever lived. We have had a few sneak previews since the weather turned, but yesterday was once of those days that brings the sharp shock of reality that in the next few months we might not see anything else but rain for weeks on end…. and it makes you so grateful that you have a shed, make that three sheds, stacked to the gills with wood, barns big enough for all your animals [and more], a camper shell on your truck, that you didn’t skimp on the rain gear, and lots, and lots, of knitting.

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