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As I pull together the final bits and pieces to release a small Summer Collection 2012 tomorrow, I want to let you know of a few changes as to how I will list on etsy – more specifically the postage fees. I have begun to hate postage fees, everyone does, lets face it. For the most part, for orders of one or two skeins, the postage fees add up perfectly and happily match the costs I incur. For larger orders however, you end up with such huge postal fees, that not only are some customers probably discouraged by it, but the actual cost is often far less, and I head back home and refund you the difference. This is fine, of course, I don’t want to you pay more than you need to, but it is an extra step I don’t want to have to deal with.

So, I’m making it easy for all of us. I have done my calculations and from here on out will list my yarn with POSTAGE INCLUDED! [for US addressees only] I don’t know why I didn’t do this before, but I’m looking forward to the expected ease of it. I’m gonna try this system for the coming Summer Collection, and I will review my calculations in September for the upcoming Autumn Collection.

And just while we are talking about it did you know that all by Annie Claire parcels are put together with 100% recycled materials?

See you tomorrow for the first colour of the Summer Collection 2012!


2 thoughts on “Post and parcels

  1. You are so clever! Postage can be tricky and as a consumer, it does sometimes discourage me from ordering something. I hope this boosts your sales! Can’t wait to see your summer collection.

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