Piece by piece


No matter how long you go away for, things are always different when you get back. Today is a day for catching up – there are emails, knitting dilemmas I had happily walked away from 4 days ago, dye plants to collect, patterns in various draft situations, dye pots calling me, new housing needed for ever growing chicks, vegetables to pay attention to, rainfall drainage problems, but the most exciting of all – we have a new puppy to get to know!

[sure, its nothing fiber related, but come on, shes so cute!]

She is a 13 week old Tibetian Mastiff, with no name just yet. At 45 lbs already she will grow to be a big and beautiful guardian dog. With the promise of bears, lions and coyotes about these parts she has joined the farm to protect our goats and land against anything that creeps around at night. We have a lot to learn, and so does she, but its already so much fun!

4 thoughts on “Piece by piece

    1. When you go in her den with her she just loves all over you. Shes the cuddliest dog ever…. I’m thinking I’m trying to persuade you again 🙂
      What dog did you get in the end?

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