It’s back! And in good time.

We are soon to be moving house which offers the great chance to fearfully find all those abandoned projects. I’m trying to wisely utilize the return of knitting mojo and attempting to complete old projects in between the new.

Old Project : Cabled by Hinke

I have adjusted the cable to a braided cable. And… fear that I will have to rip out the sleeve I’m just about to complete because I picked up less stitches than recommended to create a less baggy finish – but, it could look ridiculous. As also could be ripping out mohair yarn. Hmm.

New Project : Pinnate Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

Very excited about this project – I’m knitting it to wear to a wedding this fall… it’s got to be a quick knit. er. really? I have ordered the yarn having decided to knit it up in green and I’m looking forward to be working with a hemp blend. No doubt I’ll be headed to the mail box every day until it arrives! Yikes!



Product release : Begin to Knit Kit, Stepping Stitches

There is a new addition to my Etsy shop!

It’s a ‘Begin to Knit Kit’

[try and say that five times over really fast…!]

Remember this pattern? Well you can now get everything you need, in one place.

So, in the Begin to Knit Kit is…

– ‘Begin to Knit’ instructions [Since teaching beginner’s knitting I have slowly put together ‘Begin to Knit’ instructions, using them to accompany my demonstrations, so students have something to take away with them and refer back to. I will soon post them online, and hope to build some more tutorial material.]
– 100% wool yarn
– Stepping Stitches Pattern
– Bamboo knitting needles

The Yarn : 100% wool, available in Red, Gray, Sea Green and Dark Gray.

The Needles : Bamboo! My favourite. Light and warm to use, these type of needles are the best for beginners.

The Pattern : This is a beginners pattern I designed for a class I taught earlier on in the spring. The simple pattern repeat is encouragingly memorable and comfortably exercises the change between knit and purl. Unisex in style and of lofty texture this scarf pattern is easy to memorize yet challenging enough that you’ll finish with confidence to explore more patterns. The sophisticated style of this stitch will have everyone wondering if this is really your first knit or not!!

The Kit : The pattern is neatly presented in an enveloped tied with the yarn and needles with cotton twill – it’s the perfect present, or, indulge yourself and satisfy your learn-to-knit dreams.

Buy it here, now!