Ear ache

It’s cold.

As pretty as the lazy morning mist is it. is. cold, and it’s always my ears that freeze first.

Cowell Ranch Hat
‘Fleece’ Handspun by Annie Claire, 100% Romney wool, 4oz, 200yds.

Yarn and pattern available tomorrow.

Recycled Stitchmarkers

You can now find a selection of beaded stitchmarkers on my etsy page.

I re-purposed old necklaces into these handy little knitting accessories after needing some stitch makers myself due to losing my usual supply in the move!

They come in two sizes, so make sure you find the right set for your needle size.

And they have their own little linen bag, so you [and I] can’t lose them!

Do you have some old, long forgotten necklaces yourself? Send them to me and receive 10% off your next by Annie Claire order! Email me for the mailing address.