New Pattern: Miss Bracken

Over a year ago I released Bracken, a sweater I designed to meet a real need in my daughter’s wardrobe. I was looking for a quick and simple project, resulting in something that was easy to wear, but with just the right amount of… je ne sais quoi. (I feel this is the basis for a lot of my designs!).
The outcome was just that, a simple top-down raglan sweater which goes with many outfits for all occasions. And that je ne sais quoi? A simple change in needle size, one much smaller than the recommended size to one much larger, which creates two row furrows on the reverse stockinette fabric and just that right amount of texture. As soon as I put Louella in it I knew I wanted one!! As it goes, Bracken has turned out to be one of my more popular patterns, and being that it is a child’s pattern (usually not as popular) it’s not surprising that the requests for an adult version soon trickled in. And so here is finally is; Miss Bracken.

Miss Bracken features just the same qualities – a top down, raglan pullover featuring the soft yet modern texture of the two row furrows. The longer body has some A line shaping, finishing with the classic dropped back hem that I can’t seem to get enough of! Just like her min-me she is made with Brooklyn Tweed’s bulky weight yarn Quarry. I have to mention that it is this yarn that makes for the most amazing sweater. It’s bulky weight but it’s light, so so light. The resulting sweater is not one that will have you sweating buckets as soon as you step off the couch to do something more active than knitting, and won’t stretch over time due to the the sheer amount of fiber. It’s lofty, woolen-spun construction makes for the dreamiest of sweaters, full of the beautiful flecks of colour that we all know and love BT’s yarns for. If you haven’t worked with this yarn before, it is worth while reading some tip’s BT has over on their Quarry yarn page, as it really is unlike any other chunky yarn I’ve met before.

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5 (5, 6, 6)(7, 8) skeins Brooklyn Tweed Quarry; 100% wool; 200 yds, 100 gms, shown in “Citrine”
or, 911 (1018, 1128, 1255)(1394, 1528) yds/833 (931, 1031, 1148)(1275, 1397) m bulky weight yarn.

Needles & Notions
US 8/5mm, 24” or 32” circular needles
US 13/9mm, 24” or 32” circular needles
1 set US 8/5mm DPNs
1 set US 13/9mm DPNs
or size needed to obtain gauge.
Tapestry needle, removable stitch markers

13 stitches x 20 row/rounds = 4”/10 cm in Bed Jacket stitch pattern

32 (37, 40, 44.25)(48, 51.75)”/ 81.5 (94, 101.5, 112.5)(122, 131.5) cm chest
Sample size is 37”/94 cm, worn with 1”/2.5 cm positive ease.

I have plans for yet another Miss Bracken (for my sister) to jump on my needles any day, and wondering if you might too, if we shouldn’t have a KAL? Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

And thanks as always to my friend and most amazing photographer Krista, for these stunning images!

MAINE knits: A giveaway!

I have the absolute pleasure of sharing a wonderful book with you today – MAINE knits. Written and compiled by Beatrice Perron Dahlen of Thread & Ladle, it is a gorgeous book highlighting the talent and beauty nestled in Maine. There are quite a few of our ‘knitting heros’ that find their home there, and it was Bea’s brilliant idea to bring them together in the form of a book.

The natural photography, gentle and inspiring essays from contributors, and wide range of knitting patterns from Carrie Bostick Hoge, Bristol Ivy, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Alicia Plummer, Leila Raabe, Elizabeth Smith, Kristen TenDyke and Leah B. Thibault and Beatrice herself, make for a full book – one that I couldn’t just flick through. What struck me was the flow of the book and I had to read it from cover to end. Since Beatrice released the sneak peeks of the patterns on ravelry I have had big love for the Astrantia Pullover, which happens to be one of her designs, and found some of my oldest stash yarn which might just find it’s way onto my needles in between other projects 🙂
I had the fortune of spending a weekend with Beatrice last Autumn (and seeing the Astrantia Pullover in person!!) and her passion and love for knitting is infectious (as is her love of good food, honest creativity and motherhood!). As a backer from the beginning I was so excited to finally get the book into my hands, and I have a copy for one of you too!

But first, Bea kindly answered a few questions about the book and it’s journey from start to finish.

When did you get the first spark of inspiration to write a book? 

Really I think the book was two ideas that slowly merged into one.  Often I think that ideas need time to stew to really become wonderful, and that was true for this.  I had often thought about our strange hot spot of fiber folk here in Maine, and how it would be neat to see those folks come together on something.  I’d also been thinking about how I would love to make a book, but as a mom of two young children, the idea of doing that by myself (with only my designs) was pretty daunting.  These two thoughts eventually merged, and the idea transformed into a collaborative book of Maine fiber folk.

What do you love most about living in Maine? (Or perhaps we should read the book 😉
It’s home!  It’s hard to say whether I love the landscape or the community more, but the truth is that these two things are so intertwined you couldn’t have one without the other.  I love living near the ocean, but also near the mountains and rural areas, and in a place with a thriving farm community.  These are also the things that create the culture, the livelihood of Maine.  You couldn’t have one without the other!

I absolutely love your Astrantia Pullover, tell us about the inspiration for that design.
This is my favorite too!  It’s actually one of my all time favorite things I’ve designed.  Again, there wasn’t an “Aha!” moment, but this process of playing with ideas.  It started with a swatch of a stitch pattern, which sparked the idea of the Astrantia Cowl.  Once I finished the cowl and laid it down to look at it, I just knew that it would make an absolutely beautiful yoke on a sweater.  A few more swatches, and the sweater was born!

What was the hardest part of the journey from idea to reality?
This is such a hard question to answer, because none of it was easy.  But I suppose the hardest part for me was finalizing everything.  Once we had the patterns, the photos, the essays, and started assembling and doing layout it was tough.  It’s tough to make those edit rounds and then proof rounds (which seemed so never ending) happen quickly when there are so many people involved, and especially for me personally with a family to tend to.  Sometimes you don’t know quite when you’ll get something back for another round of edits, and when I got it back I couldn’t always give it my attention at that moment because I’m a mom.  It was a belaboring part of the process.

And the best?
Finally sharing everything I’d been working so hard on!  Recently we had a book signing at my LYS with some of the other designers from the book, and this was the best moment, hands down.  We filled that shop up and it was bumping the whole time!  It was amazing to see so much enthusiasm about this thing I’ve worked so hard on, get to talk to people and share in the excitement together.  It really was a fulfilling moment.  But I think the best is yet to come… to see people knitting from the book!

Do you have a favourite design in the book?
Besides my own Astrantia Pullover, which I mentioned is a favorite… It’s hard to choose.  There are so many great projects in the book.  I love them all!  I just casted on my own Brookdale Vest by Elizabeth Smith and I think Bristol Ivy’s Quarry Shawl might have to be added to my queue too!

Whats next for you?
First, a little breather.  I’m definitely feeling the work of this project taking it’s toll and I’m ready for a little fun and self care.  That said, making this book has been such a wonderful experience.  I loved making it, and I really want to make more books.  But I’m trying to pace myself first and go a little slowly, as the next one will probably be all me.  And now that I know how much work is involved, well, I’m trying not to rush in!  I need some time to cuddle my kiddos before they get too big.


I have a very special signed copy of MAINE knits for you to win! All you need to do is comment letting me know which is your favourite design in the book, and be sure to visit Beatrice and the MAINE knits crowd across the interwebs congratulating them on a wonderful book!
I’ll take comments until end of day Sunday 19th and announce a winner the following week. Good luck!! 

Seasons of change

While it seems the search for balance in life is a continuous (and illusive) thing, the end of 2016 came with an opportunity for us to really look at life. We moved house. We traded our 40 acres of dairy farming chaos for a calmer 1 acre down by the ocean, just down the road from the farm. It had been on our hearts for a while but suddenly fell into place last Autumn to have somewhat separate ‘work life’ from ‘life life’. It’s been quite the journey as, on top of the mammoth task of packing and moving and transitioning as a family, we worked to pull our new place out of the 70s and updated the kitchen and bathrooms. In the breaks of the winter rain we have taken trees down and cleared brush piles to open up and revive the forgotten places in the garden. There is still a lot of work to do, but there is a bit of a buzz about the place as Spring is surely on its way and the dreams and plans for huge veggie, herb and flower gardens are a-plenty. I look forward to getting to know our new corner of this world!!

What this move has meant for my knitting is that I now have far more focused ‘work’ hours. I’ve made an effort to streamline a bit – you know, freeing my inbox of unwanted emails, uninstalling and unfollowing unwelcome distractions, and I prioritise planning my time more than before. It’s a slow start, but I’m seeing the rewards and have big goals for this year!.. and with just a little more construction work there is space for a studio for me here!!

I’m excited to have a few patterns coming up in the next few weeks, and you will want to sign up to my newsletter (see top right >> ) as subscribers will get the first ‘know’ and the best introductory discounts that I like to run!! 🙂

I hope you are all doing well knitting friends and this New Year is treating you just as fine!!