Naturally Dyed Yarn online!

FINALLY! I have it all up on etsy. Having stopped going to the farmers market for a few weeks in preperation to move house, I have put the rest of my stock for purchase online. There is plenty more detail…

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What does a 1yr old need?

A Hedgehog, of course. Or, two. Being the in the midst of packing, I had packed the pattern for this hedgehog, but found this guy easily enough to quickly whip together these two friends for my niece’s first birthday. Because,…

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Dusty Leaf

Just a quick one to show you Leaf Stole knitted in a different colour. I’m trying to work out which I like most, the lighter shade or the darker. I’m very persuaded by the grey, and feel like the stitch…

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Pattern Release : Leaf Stole

This stole is knit from a charted pattern that creates a full fabric with tons of texture and squish-ability. The 2 ply yarn from Bartlett Yarns offers a very ‘real’ fabric, that will wear well and continue to keep you…

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On the list

…for this month are two new patterns! Keep checking in! Knit with Bartlett Yarns Worsted Weight   Knit with Naturally Dyed Yarn by Annie Claire


As predicted, I messed up the sleeves on Cabled. It’s so much worse when you know that your screwing up as you knit, but you hold on to the hope that it’ll all work out in the end. ARGH. So…

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It’s back! And in good time. We are soon to be moving house which offers the great chance to fearfully find all those abandoned projects. I’m trying to wisely utilize the return of knitting mojo and attempting to complete old…

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Half Moon Bay Farmers Market

find me here… every other Saturday, 9am to 1pm. Next date : Saturday 13th.   [apparently July was a no-post-month]