On the 4th

Whilst many of you enjoy a day free from work, there are a lot of us, too, that have jobs which don’t answer to national holidays. Whilst we have already risen early to turn on the milking machine and feed kids, our morning routine is almost over and we will try to ignore jobs that can easily wait until tomorrow to enjoy a few hours [in between two more kid feedings and this evening milking] for ourselves.
I’m itching to get into the garden which I feel like I have neglected these past few weeks. Plants and seeds have been in the ground for a while now and we are slowly receiving a steady supply of food…. along with all the weeds, they will get the full force of my picking hands today! I have pots to fill with flowers and seedlings to transplant – among them the almost-long-forgotten sunflowers desperate get in the ground!

Another project I am itching to spend time with is my Umbrellas, which I’m knitting for the Summer Sweater KAL over at luvinthemommyhood. It is growing slowly but surely as all light fingering garments do, and one thing I have already learned – don’t start FINGERING weight project the same day you cast of a BULKY weight project [more on that later].
I have worked through the neckline and shaping, and it is only a few more rows more until I’m into the fair isle pattern! Although I’m dreading that the ‘fun stuff’ is coming up so soon on this project, it is a beautiful day to stop for a moment, sit down, grab my knitting and a cuppa tea and enjoy the sweet Umbrellas as they develop! Hopefully I will reveal them all in weeks KAL post!

Happy 4th of July!


6 thoughts on “On the 4th

  1. I really like your pictures, makes me want to get back out in the garden, if only it wasn’t raining again!! 😀 Your umbrellas is looking wonderful, and such nice even knitting – Wow!

  2. When you say kids – do you mean baby goats?! I love goats. Anyways – why not the fingering weight and bulky at the same time? I like having two totally different projects to go back and forth with – what’s your take on it? Also, I can’t wait to see your umbrellas start to develop!

  3. Looks great! I love the soft solid color, maybe I’ll make another Umbrellas when I’m done with the first and use solid colors 🙂

    I totally get the fingering weight vs. bulky…when you go from a 3 or 4 US needle to a 10 or 13 it feels so awkward…like your knitting with toothpicks or giant pencils 🙂

    Fingering and sport weight tend to be my yarn weight of choice and it makes US 8s feel ginormous! Happy Belated 4th to you!

  4. I feel you on the bulky vs fingering. I had a hard enough adjustment from knitting my last projecton US 13s to my new one on 6s.

    I really do love the colors you selected for your umbrellas. It is going to be beautiful.

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