Off the needles : Eastlake

I finally finished my Eastlake jumper this week! I went to update my Ravelry project page to find that it has taken me almost a year to complete it… oops.

I’m glad to have it off the needles, and to be done with knitting with a single ply yarn, but I am really disappointed to find how it fits.

I was initially worried whilst I blocked each piece that it would be too big, but the end result is actually too small! The lower body fits well and is nice and relaxed, but the shoulders are far too tight and, for me, there is about 2 inches too little fabric across the upper back between the shoulders. I have relatively broad shoulders but it rarely hinders me in how clothes fit. Looking at the photographs that accompany the pattern you can see that the shoulder seams sit high on the model close to the neck;

but I can’t believe quite how high they are. You can see here, even on my mannequin, how far they sit from the shoulder seam.

This project was so sporadic that I find I’m not too attached to the final piece. So off to my Mum it will go, who is about a gazillion sizes smaller than me, to see if it will fit her! I do still, however, really like the overall design, the leaf patterning up the front and the eyelet details. I might be tempted to knit this up again, but seamless, and with longer sleeves. I would have to keep to my resolutions though, and knit it using Cobbled, perhaps?!

2 thoughts on “Off the needles : Eastlake

  1. I would not have thought that the shoulder would have been that high, either, but you’re right. It’s a pain to get something so gorgeous done and discover that it doesn’t fit. I’m glad you posted about this, though – it’s a reminder for me to really look at the picture for the smallest of details. The shoulder quirk is there in the original photo, but I didn’t see it until now.

    1. It’s so easy to cast on straight away in the excitement that I often forget to stop and really look at the details! Same goes for cooking and reading all the instructions/ingredients! Sometimes I persuade myself that I can wait a few months to cast on a particular pattern and get a chance to read everyone else’s reviews on ravelry. That can really help to eliminate potential problems.

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