Off the needles : Umbrellas

With two days to spare, my project for the Summer Sweater KAL over at luvinthemommyhood is finished – and I LOVE IT!

Over the last three or so months I have slowly but steadily worked on Umbrellas by Joji Locatelli. With superwash merino yarn I bought when I visited England earlier this year, I chugged away at the tiny stitches in between other projects. And I’m so happy with the result. I love the colours, the fit, and how light but super cosy this sweater is! It can easily been worn on top of, or without a t-shirt underneath. The colour work was a great challenge and I now know so much more about weaving neatly behind your stitches, and knitting with one colour held in each hand. The only issue I had, albeit small, was that my initial bind off on the sleeves was a little tight and dug into my arm, so I went back and used the same stretchy bind off I used at the bottom hem. Last night it was just the final touches – buttons. I chose 5 carved wood buttons from my bottomless button tin, which nicely carry on the natural feel. I’m glad too that I decided to knit the sleeves as written. I had intended to work 3/4, or full length sleeves, but I’m happy that I have a sweater that is a little different – I don’t have anything else like this in my closet, and I love it!! ♥

Check out what everyone else has completed over at Shannon’s place –

5 thoughts on “Off the needles : Umbrellas

  1. ohmygoodness it is so beautiful! I have worn my sweater just ONCE since I finished it but only for 1/2 of the morning when it was crisp and cool outside. I can’t wait for the coolness to stick around (though I am enjoying the sunshine) and I can wear it for a full day!

    Congrats on the finish!

  2. annie! it’s so cute! and you look fantastic in it! i love your colour choices. and the wooden buttons really are the perfect touch! well done! xo now can i borrow it? haha.

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