Off the needles : The Shalom Cardigan

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Having been in my queue for years and years I decided to cast on the ever popular Shalom Cardigan the day before Christmas, using yarn I was gifted the Christmas before. The yoke flew by and having worked on quite a few gifts in the run up to the holidays the speedy contrast to working with bulky yarn satisfied my insta-knit requirements… kind of. The yoke was fast and interesting and I added in 3 button holes to fasten. I slowed down on the body, having deciding not to do any shaping and the straightforward stockinette – it bored me a little. This was also my ‘me time’ project in between other things and often the last on my priority list. However it was the sleeves. Yes, I’m a broken record, but they are most definitely my least favourite part of knitting a sweater or cardigan. I would easily pick up 400+ stitches over knitting sleeves*. A round here, and a round there, these two simple long tubes took me the good part of two months to work up. Sleeves are not written into the simple recipe of a pattern, but I’ve added my mods and extra notes on the project page.

I think this is the most comfortable cardigan in my wardrobe to date – handmade or store bought. The yarn is incredible. Techno by Blue Sky Alpaca is a crazy interesting yarn as alpaca fibers along with a little bit of wool are blown into a silk mesh casing. I’d love to see how that works in a mill. It leaves you with a warm, soft and oh so light fabric, that is strong! You would believe how strong it is – yet so delicate looking.

As the weather is now warming up I’m a little bummed I didn’t get my butt into gear and have it finished up earlier to take advantage of the cooler months. But regardless, this is going to be my go to throw-on cardi, wherever I am. It’s going to be loved until the bitter end.

And then I’ll knit another one.

* I’m happy to report, having failed to click with the technique SO many times before (DPNs all the way!), that I seem to have mastered and am actually enjoying (!) working two sleeves at a time on a current cardigan!

Also – On the topic of alpaca yarn – have you seen Quince and Co’s new all American wool/alpaca blend, Owl!?!

4 thoughts on “Off the needles : The Shalom Cardigan

  1. that seriously looks like the most comfy sweater out there! i knit a shalom years ago…. and ended up gifting it. i just never wore it. but now i’d like to give it a go again. definitely with sleeves. also, you’re looking fantastic! xoxo loving all of your pictures. it looks so peaceful at your place. xoxo

  2. The color suits you so well!! Your Shalom looks totally different w/ long sleeves. I guess it was worth the effort. I’m new to your blog and love it. The pictures are gorgeous. My plan is to catch up quickly 🙂

  3. I love your Shalom, it looks so lovely on you, and in this colour! I agree about sleeves too, I am working on some man sleeves at the moment, and its a big yawn!

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